Breastfeeding is definitely a miracle of nature, giving the baby everything he needs and much more. The promotion of breastfeeding is quite loud in our society nowadays, so most of mothers are breastfeeding for a long time. Of course, there are also many mothers who cannot or don’t want to breastfeed, and this is absolutely fine. However, the following text is intended for those who are planning to be a nursing mom for some time. I found something that makes our life much easier but enables you to feel feminine and comfy too.


On one side, everything is easy in theory, but in practice, breastfeeding is not always that easy. There are different problems, personally I felt the lack of private breastfeeding conditions outside the home, especially in the first half of the year. Fortunately, Mama’s Heaven mobile application in Estonia has improved the situation as they mapped nursing opportunities across Estonia and offer cozy tents on some outdoor events. Nevertheless, there is much more to go.

Allikas: Mama’s Heaven

Often moms have to be very creative in making privacy for nursing, using a scarf is very common. Unfortunately, my son was always disturbed by it, so there were situations where he tried to reveal me. I got strained, so did him, because babies feel it when mom gets worried. In result, nursing outside the home wasn’t that successful. Babyboo nursing cover is a good thing, but it’s difficult to use with warmer degrees.

One little feminine concern too. When the baby was born, as a fresh mother, I discovered that there are few dresses in the wardrobe as most of the dresses should be pulled over the head.


Such problems can be solved by Lolo, which offers nursing dresses with different fabrics and design – they have dresses, blouses and sweatshirts. Seemingly, these are just some beautiful and feminine clothes, but actually they have secret seams. This makes breastfeeding a lot easier, more comfortable, faster.

I was sent a blue long sleeve dress with a kangaroo pocket and flounces on shoulders. It’s hosiery fabric, quite thick and stretchy. When I put it on, I really felt very comfortable. The dress is suitable for wearing in cooler weather, for summer they have summer dresses. The material doesn’t wrinkle much, so the busy mothers don’t have to worry about ironing.

This kind of dress is suitable for wearing in many different places, depending on which shoes, hairstyle and jewelery to combine with. I’d wear it just outside, at a birthday party, in a cinema, theater, cafe – wherever. It’s also nice that you can wear it after breastfeeding too, as these secret spots are very difficult to notice. But here it’s just one of many designs, Lolo really makes beautiful dresses, blouses and sweatshirts for every taste, weather and event.

Anyway, I recommend looking at Lolo breastfeeding clothes from here – everyone finds their favorite. If you’re not sure about your size and design, you can try it in their studio. I also recommend keeping an eye on their social media accounts, as the renew their fabrics and designs pretty often. Also it’s good news for eco-moms Lolo sometimes sells dresses made of
eco-fabric too, which I’m definitely interested in. I believe that chemical-free eco-fabrics are the future!

I’m very pleased with this smart dress and most importantly – he’s happy and nor relieving me, which was quite common with a scarf. I planned to stop breastfeeding, but it’s hard because they have such a cute dresses! At the same time, I’m sure that I’m going to use this dress for a very long time even if the nursing mom becomes just a common citizen.

Have a good nursing experience and beautiful moments with your sweeties!


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